Publish to eDrawings vs. open in eDrawings

Do you know, that… ?

eDrawings is a functional application that is installed with SOLIDWORKS. Alternatively, you can download it from the Internet, as a free CAD file viewer.

Today I will show you a simple example, what is the difference between opening a file in eDrawings and Publish to eDrawings (from SOLIDWORKS). Well, by opening files directly in the browser, for example,. * .slddrw files (drawings), complete file information is not available. If, on the other hand Publish to eDrawings, along with the file “smuggled” there is additional information.


I'm publishing a drawing in eDrawings.

Publish to eDrawings

After publishing, I choose Animation and next animuj.

Publish to eDrawings

Despite, that there is no isometric or close-up view in the drawing, The program smoothly switches between projections and presents the object in three dimensions. You don't have to imagine what the detail looks like, you can see everything clearly. However, if you were to open this drawing file with Open, such a 3D animation would not be possible.

Publish to eDrawings


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